What’s in a name?

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So you’re ready to get a website and you need to pick a suitable website address. Picking a domain name can be hard, especially when so many of them are taken! Here’s my easy guide to making sure you get the name you’re after.

1. To .com or to .com.au?

Are you an Australian business, or looking to go global with your new website? If you’re looking to target your market, check out the rules around registering a country specific domain name. In Australia only valid ABN holders are able to register .com.au domain names, giving your customers assurance that you are in fact a legitimate Australian business. The same goes for addresses like org.au, which show you are a registered Australian charity. If you’re looking for a more international site, .com and .net would be the way to go! You can read more about the rules of domain registration here.

Don’t forget there are loads more domain name extensions available than ever before. Talk to Geek Girl to hear about some interesting ones available to stand out from the crowd!

2. Brand protection

Now you’ve settled on your main domain name, check out the availability of all the other common extensions. You can use a whois lookup like this one to check the availability of a specific domain name. It can be

Even though you only have one website, you can talk to Geek Girl about having them all redirect to your main site, making sure customers always find you no matter what domain name they use!

3. Keep it simple

You don’t have to use your entire business name in your domain name. For example, one of my customers Riverside Swimming Club opted to shorten to rsc.org.au. Not only is it easier to type in, it’s also easier to remember! Keep this in mind when looking for your perfect domain.

4. They’re all taken!

Like the keep it simple rule, you might have to shorten or think outside the box if your first ideas are taken. Try abbreviations, shortening words, using keywords or dropping short words all together. You can also use characters like hyphens in domain names, though this should be a last resort!

If you’re struggling to come up with one that’s available, chat to geek girl for some ideas and/or advice!

5. How long should I register for?

Some domain names have a mandatory time for registration, like .com.au names. This is due to their eligibility requirements of needing the ABN, so these can only be registered for a period of two years at a time. Most other domain names, like .com or .net are registered for a minimum of one year, but you can renew them for multiple years at a time.

6. Act fast!

Once you’ve settled on a domain name, register it! You don’t want to miss out after all that hard work and research. This is especially important before you go ahead and start any advertising or marketing material.

Talk to Geek Girl to register your next domain name!

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