6 signs it’s time for a new website

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1. It’s been a while

Websites, like most things, generally have a life span. If it’s been 2 – 3 years since you last updated your website, it’s probably time for a makeover! Not only does your information probably need a refresh, but there are always new and cool things you can do with your website to increase interaction with your customers. Keeping your website fresh has many advantages, from increasing conversions, taking advantage of the latest technology and trends, and even contributing to your ranking on Google.

2. You’re not mobile compatible

As we all know, we are all increasingly glued to our phones and other mobile devices. If your website isn’t compatible with all devices you are bound to lose customers and engagement with your site. If you don’t have a responsive, well designed and easy to use site, you may as well not have a website!

3. You’ve rebranded

If your website no longer represents you, it’s not going to convey to your customers the story you want to sell. Maybe you started out with a basic site when you were just getting up and running, and it no longer represents your business as it is today. Maybe you’ve simply had a logo redesign and it’s been updated everywhere else but your website. Either way, you need to be consistent with your brand, and your website should always be included!

4. You can’t take matters into your own hands

If you are a hands-on owner, who loves to update their own content, post blogs or make other changes to your website, you can either become an IT professional and teach yourself to code, or you can use a simple content-management system (CMS), such as WordPress. No matter how technical you are, using a CMS makes website management quick, easy and accessible. If your website is currently static and you are struggling with updates, you might want to consider re-platforming your website. It’s possible to keep the same look and feel, content and functionality, with the added benefit of easy access via a management panel to update any part of your website. Geek Girl specialises in migrating websites to WordPress, while keeping your look/feel or design and giving it a refresh at the same time!

5. You need to improve your Google ranking

If your website is stale, not mobile compatible, slow to load or all of the above, you will probably struggle for Google to recognise you. Ensuring your website loads quickly, is available across all devices and kept up to date, will all contribute to your organic google ranking improving.

6. Your website visits aren’t converting to sales

Is your product or service at the front and centre of your website? Is it easy for customers to find the information they’re looking for? Do you even know what your customers are trying to find? A clear and easy to navigate website is vital to converting your visitors to potential customers. Ensuring information is easy to find and presented clearly should be #1 in your conversion strategy!

If any of the above applies to you, talk to Geek Girl about a website refresh!

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