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How it works.

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    Discuss your requirements

    Geek Girl will help you settle on what website will best suit your needs! Including the features, look and feel, functionality and long-term goals.

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    Scope of services

    Geek Girl will send you a clear outline of the scope of services for your perusal and agreement.

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    Let's get started

    Geek Girl will start your website immediately after your acceptance of the scope of services. A 50% deposit is required to start the website, with an agreed timeframe for the first draft.

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    Agreement and changes

    Geek Girl will give you full access to your in-progress design where you can recommend any final changes and agree on the finished product.

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    Register, transfer or redirect your domain name

    Geek Girl will assist you in registering or transferring your domain name.

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    Go live

    Geek Girl will take care of the finishing touches and perform the final steps to make your website 100% live.

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    Warranty support

    Geek Girl will help you out with any potential issues after the website is live. 5 hours of support is included for warranty support, not including changes to the look and feel or functionality. Extra support can be provided on an hourly basis or in pre-paid blocks.